Resettlement Training

Directorate General Resettlement

Training Directorate in DGR DGR is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing retiring service personnel, ex-servicemen and widows / wards of deceased personnel to enhance their qualifications and enable them to seek second career. Training for their resettlement in civil life is one of the major functions of DGR. The training programs are conducted through Government, semi-Govt. and private institutions of repute at various places in the country. Resettlement training programme covers a wide range of subjects. The Annual Training Programme is posted on the DGR web site for ready reference The training programmes are organized under three categories:-

  1. Officers’ Training. For serving officers in the last two years of service and for retired/released officers’ within three years from release or up to 60 years, whichever is earlier. The serving officers, undergoing resettlement training, are treated on duty up to a maximum period of six months but they are not paid any traveling, daily allowance and are not entitled to travel on railway warrant. The officers pay 40% of the course fee and 60% fee is paid by Govt.
  2. JCOs/OR Training. For serving JCOs/OR in the last two years of service. JCOs/OR on training are considered as on temporary duty and are entitled to draw their pay and allowances. 100% course fee is paid by the Govt.
  3. Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Training. The scheme is primarily meant for those Ex-Servicemen (ESM) who could not avail the facility of resettlement training while in service and is extended to the widow/one dependent of an ESM, irrespective of whether his death is attributable to military service or not. Training is organized by RSB/ZSB. ESM would be eligible to undergo training upto five years from retirement/release or 60 years whichever is earlier.