Sainik Rest House

  • Guidelines for construction of Sainik Rest Houses (SRHs)

    The basic aim of constructing a Sainik Rest House is to provide suitable and cheap accommodation to the ESMs during their short visit to the State Capital/Distt HQs for settlement of their pension cases and other matters like availing the facilities of CSD Canteens, hospital etc. KSB shares 50% of the cost of construction of Sainik Rest Houses. The following information/documents may be required to KSB for releasing 50% central share for construction of SRHs :-

    1. A detailed statement justifying the proposed construction of SRH giving number of Ex-servicemen (ESM) in the area, who were likely to avail the facility of the SRH.
    2. Confirmation that the proposed SRH has been suitably designed to cater for the needy ESM and is located near a Military Hospital, Railway Station and Bus Stand from the proposed SRH. The Blue Print of SRH duly designed and signed by the competent authority by the State may be required.
    3. Proposal and Estimate for construction of SRH.
    4. Confirm that the land has been provided by the Ministry of Defence/State Govt for the construction of SRH. A copy of State Govt letter under which the land has been allotted.
    5. 50% of the construction cost is provided by State Govt. from State budget only. A Copy of allotment of fund issued by Finance Deptt may be required.
    6. A certificate from the competent authority of the Government of the concerned State that after construction of SRH, the maintenances cost will be born by the State Govt from State Budget only and not from the Amalgamated Fund.

    List of Sainik Rest House PDF