What's New

What's New
S.No. Title
1 Payment and Re-imbursement of Medical expenses under ECHS: Processing of Online Bills by Bill Processing Agency (BPA). Dated 09.07.2019
2 Clarification regarding grant of Dual Family Pension i.e. Ordinary Family Pension (OFP) from Military Side as well as Special Family Pension (SFP)/Liberalised Family Pension (LFP) for re-employed Military service-reg. Dated 08.07.2019.
3 One time contribution for ECHS membership and entitlement of Ward in empanelled Hospitals/Medical facilities in respect of World War II veterans, ECOs, SSCOs and pre-Mature Retires.Dated 12.04.2019
4 Grant of ECHS facilities to World War II Veterans, ECOs, SSCOs and pre-mature retirees. Dated 07.03.2019.
5 One time contribution for ECHS membership and entitlement of ward in empanelled Hospitals/medical facilities in respect of Assam Rifles pensioners and their dependents. Dated 05.03.2019.
6 Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission- Pension of Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) discharged from service on or after 01.01.2006. Dated 06.02.2019.
7 Implementation of Judgement of Honourable High Court of Kerla Order dated 30.01.2015 in WPC No. 23422 of 2013 filed by Ex Subedar Tulsi Nair Vs UOI & Others Grant of ECHS facilities to Assam Rifles pensioners & their dependents residing in India, Nepal.
8 Supply of Medicines to ECHS Beneficiary and amendment to Provision regarding Authorised Local Chemist(ALC). Dated 30.01.2019.
9 Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission-Provisions regulating Casualty Pensionary Awards for Defence Forces pensioners/family pensioners-regarding.Dated 29.01.2019.
10 Amendment of MoD letter No.24(06)/03/US(WED(Res-I) dated 22 Sep 2003- regarding contractual fees of ECHS personnel. Dated 24.01.2018.