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What's New

What's New
S.No. Title
21 Delegation of Powers to MD, ECHS for making changes in respect of Name, A/C No. etc. of ECHS Empanelled Medical Facilities, already empanelled. Dated 05.12.2017.
22 Ex-Post Facto sanction for Re-Hiring of AWHO building House No. 2041, Sector -37, Noida for ECHS Polyclinics, Noida. Dated 28.11.2017.
23 Corrigendum of contractual fees for the persons engaged at ECHS Polyclinics. Dated 20.11.2017
24 Sanction for Acquisition of land for construction of building for ECHS Polyclinic (Type 'D') at Firozabad (UP) (Non Military station). Dated 31.10.2017
25 Extension of time limit for Hiring of Immovable Properties for ECHS Polyclinics at Non-Military Stations.Dated 27.10.2017
26 Financial Guidelines for extension of ECHS facilities to Nepal Domiciled Gorakha (NDG) ESM pensioners in Nepal. Dated 26.10.2017.
27 Delegation of Powers to MD, ECHS to hire Medical Officers (MBBS) in lieu of sanctioned but vacant posts of Medical Specialists and to hire para medical staff in lieu of sanctioned but vacant posts of para medical staff of other categories dated12.09.2017
28 Sanction for Purchase of Land for Construction of Building for ECHS Polyclinic (Type 'D') at Kadapa (Non-Military Station). Dated 05.09.2017.
29 Sanction for reimbursement of charges incurred for purchasing Oxygen Cylinder( 4 nos. Per day) on extreme compassionate grounds in respect of Col Ramesh Wahi(Retd). Dated 23.08.2017.
30 Qualitative Requirement for Employment of Medical and Para Medical Staff for Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme.